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Quick and dirty method of running Konica Minolta USB scanners under Windows 7 x64

Windows 7 64 bit is great. But... If you are a happy owner of an excellent Konica Minolta ScanDual scanner (or any other negative scanner of Konica Minolta, connected through USB cable), you have a problem: Windows 7 cannot run your device. It won't even detect it...

Fear not: all you need to do is to download VueScan trial version and install it. Then, Konica Minolta scanning software will install, too (you may want to run it in 32bit compatibility mode if you find it troublesome) - and your scanner will become available for you to use!

Naturally, you can also use excellent VueScan capabilities and forget the KM software alltogether.


Note: Please keep in mind that I guarantee no success with this method - although I know that it works for many users.